About EnviroSelects

EnviroSelects exists to provide consumers and businesses with environmentally-friendly yet aggressive plant disease sanitation and cleaning products. We offer as much information as possible on our website related to each product to provide you with the information you need to make an informed purchase – from efficacy data and application instructions to the chemical makeup of our products.

Our commitment to our customers is to help them overcome their cleaning and plant disease-related problems with integrity, service and knowledge. EnviroSelects is a partner company to FruitTek – which provides sorting and grading equipment solutions for the fruit and vegetable industries.

The EnviroSelects online store launched in Spring of 2010, selling exclusively to the US market. International purchases can be made by shipping to a freight-forwarder from any US port but unfortunately are not able to ship chemicals directly to Canada or other countries due to product registration restrictions.

EnviroSelects LLC
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phone (toll free): 1 (877) 358-1299
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