If you’re looking for an effective natural weed killer for lawns, the existence of Fiesta would definitely skyrocket your excitement levels. Based on 11 years of field testing and intensive laboratory research by Neudorff North America, this holy grail of natural gardening successfully marked its release in 2010. Fiesta weed killer is an odorless, bio-rational, and selective weed killer comprising the active ingredient of Iron HEDTA. When this iron is ingested by weed, their root systems die as a result of rapid withering, simultaneously ensuring that lawns are not harmed. Even in comparison to other effective herbicides, the functionality and effectiveness of Fiesta is difficult to match.

Statistically, various studies demonstrate that Fiesta accomplishes visible results and offers better weed control more swiftly than other renowned weed killers like Killex, Duplosan, and 2, 4-D, specifically at temperatures cooler than 40 °F.

The Biopesticide Division considers Fiesta as a natural weed killer that has low toxicity. This is because Fiesta solely comprise naturally-occurring iron HEDTA. Once dried, it is completely safe for pets and humans, making it a flawless, environmental-friendly alternative to chemical herbicides like Killex, which have been banned in multiple areas in Canada and the US. According to other field research, it has been demonstrated that, Fiesta, in comparison to other herbicides, will not stain surfaces that are hard, for instance, concrete, gravel, or wood, at standard application rates.

Fiesta is able to neutralize a wide array of common lawn weed, comprising tough ones like dovefoot geranium, narrowleaf plantain, broadleaf plantain, Canadian thistle, creeping buttercup, while English daisy, English daisy, chickweed, while clover, and dandelions. Additionally, it is permitted for use in an array of turf types, for example, non-crop areas, cemeteries, parks, athletic fields, and even golf courses.

Besides this, additional benefits that this biosafe weed control measure provides consists of its ability to work swiftly, generating visible results in as short as 24 hours. It is also rain fast, with its application stretching out to turfs and lawns consisting of fescue, perennial ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass.

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