We are happy to announce that FIESTA Lawn Weed Killer is now approved at a new lower rate, about half of the previous label rate. Applied as targeted or blanket applications, one gallon of Fiesta now treats up to 10,800 ft2. This new rate offers turf managers a more effective and affordable treatment option.

FIESTA applied at three week intervals up to four times per year ensures control of large and hard to kill weeds. Research at the Guelph Turfgrass Institute has shown that three blanket applications of 100 mL/m2 three weeks apart results in turf that is 95% weed-free. FIESTA is now also labelled for application to newly seeded turf just four weeks old.

With FIESTA turf weed killer, lawn care operators and landscapers are able to provide the best weed control possible with an environmentally friendly herbicide. To learn more about FIESTA, see the new FIESTA Turf Weed Killer technical bulletin and video below.

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