An increasing number of gardeners are looking for solutions to soil-borne diseases such as Verticillium (maple) wilt. In trees Verticillium can be hard to diagnose as symptoms are often confused with other causes such as drought stress or compacted soil. If the tree is exhibiting die-back of branches or leaf scorch there may be a possibility that these symptoms could be caused by Verticillium. To make a sure determination of the cause of the symptoms make a slanted cut in the affected branch below where the tree is wilted or scorched. Discoloration of vascular tissue (olive-green streaks) in the wood will indicate the presence of Verticillium wilt. To prevent further spread of the disease in the tree, some experts recommend removing the infected limbs.

Treatment & Prevention

In order to prevent the spread of Verticillium to other trees and plants we recommend the following treatment. As Verticillium spreads through the soil and root-to-root contact, ZeroTol 2.0 can be applied as a preventative application. Make a strong solution with a 1:50 solution and soak the root zone. Repeat with 1-2 additional applications in a 7-14 day interval.

Keep the tree well-watered during dry periods to help the tree recover from the disease.

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