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Residue-free Chemistry Inspiration

Pesticides that combat bacteria, fungi, mold and diseases have historically taken a heavy toll on the environment and consequently, our health and well being. For this reason, EnviroSelects strives to promote mainly organic-approved chemistries that are powerful and effective, yet safe for the environment, our families and pets. To learn more about the inspiration behind […]


Plant Diseases: Devising a Defence System

Plant diseases can be grouped into 3 main microscopic categories: bacterial, viral and fungal. Here is some information to keep in mind about these common plant diseases and the preventative steps that can be taken to defend against them. Fungai The most common plant diseases one encounters in the garden are those brought on by […]

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Improved Label for AzaGuard® Botanical Insecticide/Nematicide

The US EPA has approved a newly expanded label for BioSafe Systems’ AzaGuard Botanical Insecticide/Nematicide, including expanded use rates, new pests, and two new use sites. AzaGuard’s use rates have been expanded to allow for a greater treatment range and better efficacy against strong infestations. In some cases, these expanded rates represent a doubling of […]

Organic Pest Control: Neem tops growers’ list

Mother Earth News’ article on Organic Pest Control highlights the 12 worst pests across North America and methods that work to control them, compiled from user surveys. Of particular interest is the chart that displays garden pests by region. Neem products were at the top of the list of effective treatments against the following varieties of beetle: asparagus […]


Treatment of Foliar Nematodes on Hosta

Nematodes are a type of roundworm – very small and transparent, they frequently go unnoticed. However, these plant parasitic nematodes can cause significant damage to the roots and foliage of garden plants. Foliar nematodes live in and feed on the leaves and buds of plants such as peonies, hostas, chrysanthemums, begonias, columbines and azaleas. Gardeners […]

Pythium Water Treatment in Hydroponic & Aquaponic Systems

What is the recommended product and application rate to treat water for pathogen suppression in hydroponic & aquaponic systems? As we’ve had a number of customers ask questions on this topic and these applications are not covered in much detail in the specimen labels we’ve decided to cover it in this post. The recommended product […]