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Conventional Farming and Climate Change in the U.S.

If you felt this past winter had especially memorable weather, know that it wasn’t only in your town. This past winter was filled with weather irregularities, including the warmest temperatures ever recorded in parts of Puerto Rico and Hawaii, the coldest temperatures recorded in parts of Alaska since 1989, below average temperatures in the Rockies, […]


SaniDate 5.0 Press Release on Coronavirus

For immediate release No kill date July 2020 SaniDate® 5.0 Approved Virucide Against Human Coronavirus East Hartford, CT— GOOD NEWS amid uncertainty, BioSafe Systems’ SaniDate® 5.0 is now labeled to kill Human Coronavirus. The stamp of approval comes from the Environmental Protection Agency known for stringent regulations when it comes to product certification on List N. BioSafe Systems’ innovative […]

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Fighting Insects with Their Natural-Born Enemies – BioCeres WP & Azaguard Review

Some of the most fascinating methods that can be used to protect cultivated lands and managed forests from pests are those that have developed through biological and evolutionary processes. Like all living things, insects have natural enemies from bacteria to toxic plants to other insects. It seems only logical to mobilize these natural enemies as […]

SaniDate® All Purpose Disinfectant Press Release

Preliminary Laboratory Results Indicate SaniDate® All Purpose Disinfectant is an Effective Virucide Against Human Coronavirus, Pending EPA Review and Approval EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems is pleased to announce preliminary results from a GLP efficacy study demonstrated that SaniDate All Purpose Disinfectant is an effective virucide against Human Coronavirus on hard, non-porous surfaces. SaniDate […]


How to Feasibly Manage the “Plant Destroyer”

Phytophthora – which translates from Greek as “plant destroyer” – is one of the most common and destructive blights. It is difficult to manage with hundreds of Phytophthora species existing, each capable of destroying a host of different plants. Phytophthora blight can affect ferns, grasses, crops such as strawberries, curcurbits, tomatoes, potatoes, cocoa, onions, and […]

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Fire blight – How to control this formidable foe in apple and pear orchards

Have you recently noticed those pesky cankers typical of fire blight in your orchard? Fire blight is one of the most common diseases afflicting apples and pear orchards, with around 200 species being susceptible to its damage. Young trees are most vulnerable with complete loss possible in just one season. Even in more established trees, […]


When & How to Fertilize Your Fruit Trees

Fertilizing is not necessary for some plants, as we have seen. But the station plays a vital role since we do not feed the plants in the same way at all times. Generally, fertilizers should be supplied once every six weeks during the spring and summer seasons. In winter periods, the fertilizer is supplied once […]

What is Food Safety Management and Why Do We Need It?

ISO 22000 is an international standard for Food Safety Management System to stop the supply chain, which goes from farmers and ranchers, from processing to transport. This standard can be extended to suppliers of non-food products, such as cleaning and equipment manufacturers. ISO 22000 can be used in organizations of any size, and also specifies […]


Companion Products Kill Disease on Contact

OxiDate and TerraClean are ideal companion products as a preventative disease control solution that kill a wide range of harmful fungi and bacteria, on contact. For foliar applications, OxiDate is recommended for use with both field-grown crops and commercial greenhouses and is OMRI approved for use with organically grown crops. TerraClean is a broad spectrum […]